Language Trip to England

We, the 2BK and the 2CK, started our language trip to the UK on March 31st. We arrived in Brighton late in the afternoon and our host families picked us up from the meeting point. Most of us had very nice host families, which made the time in Brighton even better.

The next day we took the train to London and spent the morning on a “Hop-On-Hop-Off-tour” to see some of London’s most important sights. In the afternoon, we had some free time, which most of us used to go shopping.

Sunday was our “free day” in London. My friends and I walked around the city and did some more shopping on Oxford street.

Monday through Friday we had school in the morning with our teachers Jack, Laura and Jannis. They discussed some interesting topics like movies, jokes, politics and the news with us. In the afternoon, we went on excursions with our teachers Ms. Märzinger and Ms. Kreindl. We took a walk through the Brighton Lanes, went to Rottingdean to drink cream tea in a classic British tea house and even went to see the Seven Sisters.

We spent most of our evenings on the Brighton Pier or at the beach, because even though it was a bit cold, we had mostly really good weather. On Wednesday, some of us went to the movies to see “Beauty and the beast” (great movie!) and another group played Laser Tag in Brighton. On Thursday, we all went to a fish and chips restaurant to enjoy our last evening in England together.

We all really enjoyed the time in England!

(c) Caroline Bischof, 2BK