The Anthropologist

the_antropologist_0916Besuch des Amerika-Hauses zur Filmvorführung „The Anthropologist“ mit anschließender Diskussion.

The Greenhouse effect and the resulting climate changes are important topics in our subject Natural Science at school. On the 27th of September we, the 3CK HAK Plus, visited the “Amerika-Haus” in the city of Vienna close to the townhall. We watched the film “The Anthropologist“, an American documentary film directed by Seth Kramer. The film follows environmental anthropologist Susie Crate and her teenage daughter Katie as they visit indigenous communities in Siberia, Kiribati and Peru threatened by climate change. The film explores how human beings adapt to catastrophic changes. Afterwards an interesting discussion took place and we were able to ask the attendant Mr. Seth Kramer some questions about the production of his movie.

Michael Baer, Amadeus Göttinger